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HAHA I've played with many a Shiba and you got it easy let me tell you People go, "Basenji's don't bark!?!? PERFECT for me!" No no, it's not a lab that doesn't bark.

They are a lot like Shiba's in lots of ways, very active, tons of personality, and only really want you to touch them on their terms. But very very hard to train at first. They are like a cat more than a dog. But mine is so cute now. Makaela is 4 and is fully trained (when she wants to acknowledge it )

She's very independent except about 5 times a day when she needs constant reassurance and tons of pets. She will just sit in front of me a yodel until I pet her at that point.

They are HIGHLY intelligent and seriously can get out of literally anything. Her cage has been locked with a padlock on more than one occasion when I had to leave for an hour or so and she wasn't happy about it.

With Shiba experience, I'm sure you understand lots of this.

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