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Let's move your butts Newbies!!!


Is that you lord?

Yes and I know what you are trying to pull.

How's that lord

Just because it is going to be a New Year you are trying to weasel your way onto the Reef Discussions Forum


Don't give me that crap. The Discussions Forums are only for the Chosen and you are not one.

But I don't want to remain in hell.

You are only in purgatory on the NTTH Forum. The Chemistry Forum is Hell.


And where is this month's Newbie Corner Column?

I didn't write one. It was supposed to be The Story of Sumps from the Gospel of Marc.

Don't think I'm not watching you closely.

But I've been good.

Sure, like when you tried to buy the Great Pyramid so you could have it taken to the Antique Roadshow to have it appraised?

Well, it was a good idea until I found out you had Moses free the Israelite slaves about 3000 years ago.

Yep, and they now get union wagers and benefits so you couldn't afford to have them move it.

Oh well.

Back to the Newbie Forum with you.

"Leading the information hungry reefer down the road to starvation"


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