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We lost all our delicate corals (mostly LPS) in a disastrous house move, and what survived was all the hardy, fast-growing corals. Our 90g is filled with low-growing, fast-reproducing corals -- I plan to fill in the spaces with taller, slower-growing LPS corals eventually, but it's kind of neat that as our corals grow now we don't lose the shape of our rockscape

We've got yellow polyps, zoanthids in all sorts of colours, a huge GSP colony that's now growing up and around the overflow, palythoa and mushrooms. We also have some rics and a Lemnalia leather, but those are both slower growing so they wouldn't really meet your criteria. Xenia are also insanely fast growers, and anthelia is a good choice as well.

Keep in mind, corals don't know when they've grown to cover the space you wanted filled; what was once favoured as a fast-growing ground covering beauty can quickly become an invasive pest. Keep lots of rubble around to place at the edges of colonies -- they'll grow onto the rubble, and you can remove them to keep the colony at a reasonable size and make yourself a little $ at the same time!

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