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Originally posted by karenL
Damn, I have to wait till I get home to see the pics

Do you have a rake for the shag carpet?
if not you might try the selling forums
I feel the carpet is a safety hazard and must be removed. Lets say Aiko stops over and takes his shoes off. It is very likely that one of his snaggly toe nails will get caught on one of the loops of the carpet. Thus causing him to fall 2 feet to the floor. Suprisingly, while going into panic convulsions, he lands on his face and actually straightens out his mis-shapen nose. Disgruntled, Aiko sues me for facial disfigurement. He claims the other Shire Folk with make fun of him. I lose the case. Aiko gets plastic surgery and my 540 gallon tank which him and the whole Shire move into. I get left with a 12 gallon nano with a single PC. The sps die from light deprivation causing an ammonia spike killing the tangs and other inhabitants. A fish carcass blocks the drain and causes the tank to overflow, thus running the filter dry. The carcass become unlodged because the filter is has stopped pumping water. A small rush of backed up water goes into the filter. The pump spits it out into the low tank causing splash up that shorts out the light and burns down my house. I am left with absolutely nothing.

So you can see that it is unconditionally crucial that I dispose of the shag carpet promtly.

Sara B.- Karen is referring to the groovy shag carpet upstairs. That and the stained up blue tile have got to go. It does not complete my feng shui.

Mojo baby, yeah!- Thanks man! I love threads with pics so I'll keep'em rollin.

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