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Stopped by Reefwise this past weekend in Lisle. Really cool store. Its setup more like a warehouse with a couple of huge frag tanks with a pretty big selection and greatprices. once my tank is ready to go I'll be headed back to stock up on frags. It seemed like they had redone half of their holding tanks as their fish stock was low but the new tank setups looked awesome.

Another shop, Aqua Pro's, is about 6 miles north of Reef wise in Glen Ellyn and worth the trip if you are already at this shop. The shop appears like they have 2 parts to it, one on the street that I don't know if is open to the public, and the store itself is located in a smaller building directly behind that one. This store was smaller, but had a lot of supplies that many stores I've gone to didn't seem to carry. Worth checking out and had decent prices on things as well.

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