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Beach Bum 70 - Ive had that wrasse for about 9 months now. I used to have a bipartitus leopard along with meleagris. They were added together and it took them about a month to start eating prepard foods. About 2 months in my female clown snatched up the blue star and fed it to the carpet. They both started eating anything that was put into the tank. PE mysis was a huge hit for them.

Mavrk - I only used the flash with the last picture, since it was at night. I am trying to get down using it without the flash. It seems to be working nicely. My old camera would only give me nice pictures if I used the flash. Now I am able to see the true colors without a flash.

fambrough - Here is the post Zoa eating nudi outbreak picture.
(forgive the lighting setup, Im waiting for my T5 fixture)


Couple SPS/Zoanthid tanks and a couple of FW planted tanks.

Current Tank Info: 5 pieces of glass with some silicone and plastic frames holding them together

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