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how did your RBTA look after acclimation?

Just wondering what to expect.

The background on my tank is that it's been running since April. It's a 75 gallon with a 20 gallon sump. I DO NOT have a skimmer at the moment. RO, 10% weekly water changes. Currently the only test kit I have is for Nitrates and what I tested came out to about 10. My lighting is 2 by 250 watt 10K metal halides with 200 watt power compact fluorescents. Halides run for roughly 6 hours a day (is this enough for a nem?) and the PCs run for 10 hours.

I bought my first anemone today. It's a gorgeous RBTA with bright yellow tips roughly 3-4 inches across. I acclimated it via a drip method for nearly 3 hours. After I released it to the tank I tried to position it where I wanted it to stay and the foot took hold immediately and hasn't moved since. It's in a spot nearly 3/4 down the tank and is getting a lot of flow.

As soon as the foot took hold the anemone seemed to be fully "extended" and looked incredible. I went out for a few hours and when I came back it was a bit "shriveled" up and the mouth seemed to be protruding.

Since then, however, the tank lights have turned off the for night and the moon lights are on. Now the anemone looks awesome; just like it did after I first got it to attach. Perfect bulb shaped tentacles, even more extended then before and the mouth is less protruded.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but our camera isn't available at the moment. Does this sound like normal behavior for a new RBTA? Since the lights have turned off and all I can see is via moonlights.

Is this normal for a RBTA? I think my tank is stable enough for it and my lighting is good. I fed it a piece of mysis shrimp before I went out just to see if it would take it. The mysis stuck to a tentacle but I didn't get to see what it did afterwards once I left.

It's such a beautiful nem and it would really suck if it didn't make it. Any tips for taking care of these would also be appreciated.

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