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I would have kept trying up to the point that the stench began. To me that spells dead tank. Wouldnt it be easier to start over?

Here is a great tip for starting over.
Get some fresh live sand. Not sand in a bag from a store shelf. Order some real fresh live sand. Or you can use dry sand seeded with a few cups of live sand from a healthy tank. Set up the sump and add macro algae which is already covered with beneficial bacteria. I bet you wont have any cycle.

What you did reminds me of a time that I was having a bad algae bloom. At the same time a crazy GF poured her vodka into the tank to get me POed. Well that part worked. The next thing that happened was the tank went milk white for several days. My heavy skimming and water changes made no difference. After a week the tank went crystal clear and was algae free but all coral and fish were fine. I was amazed. It seems the sugar in the vodka caused a bacteria bloom that out competed the algae for nutrients and cleaned up my whole tank. I later heard that some people start a cycle with vodka on purpose. I cant guess at how much vodka she used so I never tried to repeat the process. If I were you I would start over with my live sand and macro algae idea so you can skip the whole cycle mess altogether.

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