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If it was me, I'd mix up a batch of new salt water in a rubbermaid tub or old tank, take the Marcorocks out of your tank now (maybe rinse them off in some fresh water first) and put them in the tub. Put a powerhead and a heater in it set to 78 degrees and just let it sit. Dont add any sugar or vinegar or anything else. 86 all the black water in your regular tank and make believe the whole thing never happened.
2 months ago I 'cured' 150 lbs of marcorock by simply putting them in running salt water, with a heater and a new skimmer (really just to break in the skimmer). In ten days the rock had completely cycled, with little smell. I did two aprox 70% water changes in that time. All I can think of is maybe the rock I got was 'Cleaner" so it didn't have to cycle that much. But I'm never usually that lucky! I'm thinking maybe putting the sugar and ammonia in messed things up a bit. You may want to email marcorocks for a suggestion if that doesn't work, he's very helpful.
Good Luck, and I really don't mean this in a bad way, but thanks for the laugh, I needed it tonight!


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