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I have a 90 gallon display tank with predominately sps corals. I have a 30 gallon sump loaded with chaeto running lights opposite the tanks cycle. A very light bioload, maybe 5 fish the largest a 3 inch tang, and 10% water change weekly. I have approxomately 130 lbs of live rock. With that, I still could not get my nitrates below 20, until I added my HS nitrate reactor. My bioload is up to 13 fish, heavy feedings daily, and my nitrate levels are zero, by salifert. that was the only thing that would bring it down. I have taken the chaeto out, still do 10% water change weekly for trace elements mainly. Consistently read zero nitrates. My sps coloration has improved immensely. I highly recommend the nitrate reactor along with a very good protein skimmer. Hope this helps. Al

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Current Tank Info: Rare corals 90 gallon display 2 250watt 20k MH, radium bulbs, and 4 t5 actinics,2 Vortech wavemakers , H S protein skimmer, H S nitrate reactor, 24 gallon with 250 watt 20K MH
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