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As a person with several Avast "toys" on my tank, and who appreciates the time and effort you put into them; I'm really looking forward to this. You'll automate away my mother-in-law from stopping by daily to once every few (just to make sure stuff doesn't burn down) while I'm on vacation.

Everytime you guys do something, you can tell the thought that goes into it. My favorite is the Zeo shaker; its a perfect solution, simple, and so well thought out; including the ability to remove the cylinder from the base for cleaning/filling/etc. You can just tell the time on the details.

If this is half as nice as the Zeo reactor, I'll automate feeding completely (Even though I work from home, and the tank is 8' from my desk in my office.)

I'm really excited for this, and would happily chip in for crowdsourcing/deposit/testing/whatever. Glad to hear it's something on your radar, too.


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