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That is sick, Zach. What I've been calling Nephthea is very similar to what you describe on several points. My 'Nephthea' is very neon green, but I've been told by another friend with the Palau Nephthea that it is even more green than my 'Nephthea'. Mine's polyps are pretty white (whie what I call Sinularia are more brown), but the branches aren't as stubby. The 'celia' like tentacles around the main structure of the polyp is more pronounced on what I've been calling Nephthea than on what I've been calling Sinularia (looks like your pic of the Palau Nephthea doesn't exhibt the 'celia' as much as I'm seeing). I'm gonna have to break down and give a scientific ID a shot. I haven't even read over the procedure, but I'm sure there are some holes for ambiguity...

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