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Originally posted by gflat65
From what I've heard, it is impossible to tell by looking at them. You hav eot look at the sclerite structure to determine which it is. There is a thread somewhere around here on properly identifying. That polyp structure looks like what I've always called nephthea, but they say polyp structure isn't enough...
that's what i've heard too... my case, i've seen numerous corals identified as Sinularia..and they tend to look exactly like what elkinsda posted.....that being said, I have a coral that was bought as a Palau Nepthea, and it's similar, but defintiely not the same as sinularia (as I know it, at is how I distinguish Sinularia from Nepthea

-pastel green
-multiple stringy branches - long, finger-like structure
-polyps are not tightly packed, more spread out
-polyps have a more dark, grey-ish colour tone

Nepthea (as in the "nepthea" I have)
-very, very intense pastel green (ie. waaay more bright than any sinularia i've ever seen)
-multiple stubby branches
-polyps are very tightly packed
-polyps have a white-ish/beige appearance

here's a pic of the "Palau Nepthea" I have.....this pic is from a buddy's mother colony.....I guess i should take a pic of mine, eh? hahaha but his pic is so good!


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