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Originally posted by Stingray702
How about doing a group of African Flame Back Angels or a Pair of Flame Angels both have done well for me. Both species are extremely easy to find and extremely hardy.
Be VERY careful treading down this line. Almost all angels will not get along with a second of their own in a the point where they will fight each other to death. If you want to try 2 angels, they need to be of different body types (shapes), and they must be added at the same time, and even that does not guarentee success.

It you really wanted to try and keep 2 dwarf angels, I would recommend something like a flame angel and a lemonpeel angel as the lemonpeel has a more elongated body shape; which is different enough, to maybe not tick off the flame.

Angels can be quite territorial if they are kept in surroundings with other fish of the same body type.

I can't stress this enough though, IF you try this, you really have to add both angels at the same time. Wwhatever the case, I would NOT recommend that you add 2 angels of the exact same species or body sizes (i.e 2 flames, or a flame and a coral beauty, or a coral beauty and a potters, ect).

I'm not saying it can't be done (in fact I know it has been done in the past), I'm just saying be careful. It's just my .02 based on my experience with angels.

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