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Originally posted by stevedola
Nice looking tank NG-

One Q
Thats 150 lbs of LR>?? Ive got 75-85lbs in my 75 and it looks like twice the amount of your tank. Funny how that is.

Yea, that question has come up before... It probably isn't 150 anymore. I have some in my sump which I added into that, but I think everyone agreed that it wasn't 150 and I am going to try and weigh it when I break it down to move so we can all know how much it really was.

But, there is actually quite a bit more then it looks from the front, as the back and corners have a lot that are hidden for my eel to go in and out of. It's probably closer to 100 to 125 but 150 is what the LFS told me =)

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