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Originally Posted by griseum View Post
Most LFS dont sell adult sharks, they sell them as hatchlings, yearlings and sub-adults. The True Cat sharks, like the Coral, Bali, Macleayi, and cool water species, are the most size suitable for a 6x2 foot tank. As juveniles they can be very small, sometimes sold from 4"-5" inches and up. The 3 tropical Cat Sharks i listed, average about ~24" as adults, but are more active during feeding and at night, then Bamboo sharks and other Carpet sharks. So even though the size is more appropriate, the activity level perhaps nullifies that.

So a juvenile shark, of no more than 10-11 inches, IMO, would be comfortable in a standard 180.
Dont count on returning the shark or selling it, because most LFS dont have the space to house bigger specimens, and trying to sell a shark can take time.

Its better to have the aquarium and life support that will maintain the shark for its entire life before you actually buy the shark itself.
So I can start my shark and ray dream in a 180 then upgrade is that right?

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