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Heya Alprazo, I have a question (or two ). I currently have two brown banded bamboo sharks that I hatched out over a period of about 4-5 months. One is male and the other is female Both eggs were purchased about 2 months apart at different stages of development. My question is, now that they are eating (quite well at that ) they seem or appear to be "happy"... though, I was wondering why they both prefer to lay directly in front of the powerheads I have placed at the bottom of the tank to keep the bottom (BB) free of debris. My second question is based off of their swimming "pattern" if you will. The male (the larger at about 11in now) swims extremely erratic, thrashing into rocks head first and "flicking" randomly throughout the day. I know the questions will be based off of other information that I am more than willing to supply Ask away and let's see if myself as well as others can learn something! These are my babies and are currently being "prep'd" for the move to a 240 cube (4x4x2). My concern is the erratic swimming they both demonstrate. During feeding they will come to the top of the tank and thrash about through the chalices and acroporas, digging under rocks for lost krill the H. magnifica didn't grab, but why this behaviour during non feeding times. As well, the larger male is already making the change from white bands to his more mature casual look of khaki or "brown"

Thank you in advance and for directing me to share public


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