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Question Alkalinity is 12 !!!

Hi Everyone

my reef is 160 gallons
it is only set up 10 weeks
it has done the initial cycle
I have used a wee bit of nopox to help get nitrates down
I have done 40% water change 3 days ago to further reduce nitrates
I have added just a wee bit of PH up to get ph from7.6 up to 7.8-8.0
This morning my alkalinity is 12.0 first test and 11.9 second test.
I think I am ok but any ideas why the alk is so darn high?
I am going to test the blue box Fritz salt fresh mix in an hour and see what the alk is on the fresh saltwater
Ok now I just tested my calcium and it is at about 510 with a brand new Red Sea Calcium test kit...NOTE: I have notttt added calcium to the water!!!

Any ideas/thoughts/comments/input welcome please! Thanks Everyone!

"My God Reefs are Gorgeous!"

Current Tank Info: 160 gallon reef

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