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Salt Babies Part 4 :)

So had some another hurricane and some more setbacks last year.
Sold all my baby seahorses over the fall to the LFS so that is good.

Kept the best colored ones for continued coloration.

My prettiest dwarf (not actual dwarf just small genetics) erectus used to get very white and her name was snow. She got egg bound and died but her daughter is just as pretty. So I still have a white horse. I have a halloween orange/red horse and lined orange and pinkish horse and a dark chocolate. A few others with yellowish, tanish coloration.

Sunshine the orange male is the dominant and best producer. The ones I sold to the LFS all turned orange in their tank. If I had known I would have charge much more

Spring is here and the seahorses are back to breeding. I have several sets of babies going. The oldest ones are being weaned now. They were released in early March. Very exciting colors showing in the next oldest batch.

I have some Reidi's but the girl keeps spilling her eggs and they haven't managed a successful transfer (and we are talking many tries here).

I am expanding my energies and also have a 3 batches of peppermint shrimp larvae going as well. The oldest batch was released 4/6/21. I hope they settle by May 19th. The quickest was 22 days and some have reported as long as 62 days. My oldest are quite large and look very developed.
The youngest batch was released yesterday.

I don't have large numbers as I fed many of the larvae to the seahorse babies But if they start settling then I'll get more serious about giving them some space. My LFS is interested in the shrimp as well. If they settle I'll probably try to figure out which version of peppermint shrimp I have.

I am also trying to raise/propagate asterina starfish so hopefully that will go well. I need to get a larger base group. I have about 12 right now.

I'm doing tisbe pods, rotifers, bbs, ciliates, nano green water, some T-iso but it gets nano in it and then crashes.

Successfully bred: Banggai, Lined Seahorse, Saltwater Mollies, from egg dwarf cuttlefish, peppermint shrimp, Opae Shrimp. Algae Barn Discount Code: saltbabies15

Current Tank Info: 120 gallon seahorse/flame angel/sharknose/pipefish tank. 30 gallon grow out, misc. other tanks
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