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So far the peppermint shrimp out of the filter sock appear fine. I'm having a brine shrimp crisis today so hopefully everything can hold on until the next hatch of brine.

The parvos are dead but the T-iso is going well.

Didn't see any angel larva. I'm getting ready to try again. I had caught some eggs 2 days ago but accidently used the pipette that I had used for the vodka to kill some copepods for a count and killed them too. At least they were still fertile. I'll catch some tonight if the angels play ball then in 4 days I'll start a new larval experiment.

Seahorses aren't the only thing that like to ride the small starfish. Though I think my harlequin shrimp has nefarious plans for this starfish. I mean look what they did to the chocolate chip.

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