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LOL- Just trying to remember the equipment what what it does. Wish I had some instructions- I think I knew this when I bought the stuff, but because I never used it, I am pretty clueless now.

1) Can it monitor PH ( it has a PH probe input)? So just plug in a PH probe and hit the select button until it comes to the PH and then it displays the PH? How to calibrate or is this self explanatory once I plug in the unit and select PH. Will any PH probe work - or are there specific AC3/Neptune type of probes needed?

2) Does it control pumps, etc. I think i remember the pump control = on/off via the DC8 plugs.

3) I assume it does the same for lights = on/off via the DC8.

4) AUTO top off +/or dose with kalk water via float switch via on/off DC8 plug

5) The Temp port seems to be a phone line input- how do you use this?

Once I know the capabilities I can then figure out the programming works.

Do I run an the Ethernet cable or a different much longer cat5 cable from the unit to my router or do I run it to a PC/laptop in order to interface with the unit and program and monitor remotely?

Sorry to be a pain. I am also searching and reading AC3 info all over the internet to try and remember how to use this. I know at one time this was the latest and greatest.

Edit- Found and downloaded owners manual

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