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Hey Travis,
I used to work at Stillwater National Bank. I helped people get ready to apply for a mortgage, among other things. If you want help in the prep for financing area, let me know.

When we were looking for houses (in OKC) we had a hard time getting any realtor on the sign to call us back. It seemed like they only answered other realtors' calls. Realtors can be very helpful if you're short on looking time. But, nothing beats just cruising the neighborhoods and hey, you might see a for sale by owner. You won't pay the 6% directly as a buyer, but the seller may have it built into the cost of the house. I think houses in Stillwater are going for $55-65/ sq.ft. for a home >5 years or so. This depends of course on the neighborhood and amenities, but it gives you a good estimator.

In Oklahoma County, we can get online and look at the assessor's web page and see what recent sales have been and what the current owner paid and when. Unfortunately, you'd have to make the trip to the courthouse on foot there in Payne - unless you get a realtor.

Check out it's a good way to browse without any commitment.

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