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Depends on what nano. 30 gallons is a good enough size if the hight is right. The tank should be atleast 3x higher than the length of the species of seahorse you are getting.

Seahorses tend to like less water movement. I switched out my maxi jet 900 for a 400. They are still young and one was having difficuly hanging on her hitch. (she is smaller). So if this unit comes with a maxijet or something simular and you need less movement, can you switch it out to something smaller?

Is there an enclosed hood? I think open is better for heat removal. I have an opened cube. No heat problems. I think some nano cubes were having issues with heat form the lids.

Will you be keeping corals in the tank? This makes a difference with the lighting. What lights come on nthis nano cube? I just use an inexpensive PC light. I have a few mushrooms and other low light corals. Macro does fine with my light as well.

You mentioned bioballs. Just remove them, place some rubble rock in the space.

I have a heater and a nano skimmer in the other side of the overflow. Works nice

Take a close loook at the pet store and see if it what you really want. Then look at some open cubes for comparission. Maybe add up the cost of everything seperatly and see what the difference would be.


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