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I have a 35 hex with 2x24 PC lighting. The only coral I have are Kenya Trees. Which are growing happily, and are great hitches for the seahorses. My horses also like to hitch on my featherdusters and my macros. I wouldn't spend too much time or money on a hitch for the seahorses, unless you'd be really happy with it even if they didn't use it, as they are likely to choose someplace else to hitch anyway. You could still keep featherdusters and low light macros without high lighting, so those are options to you for hitches as well.
With horses, stick with tropical if you are trying to save $$, because subtropical and temperate need a chiller. My favorite horses are Reidi. You can go to and look around in their gallery and see what you like. Usually the ones that are readily available captive bred are erectus, reidi, kuda, and barbouri. and both have good reputations for cb horses.

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