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Question PanWorld v.s. Quiet One

so i bought a used PanWorld 50px external pump that i was thinking about using on my next system.

After further reflection i think i might not want to use it.
it seems Quiet one offers a better pump for my aplication.
I figured i might call upon the help of fellow reefers.

if anyone has any info that might help me make this decision let me know.

compare and contrast:

Quiet one 4000 Pan world 50px

Power 50watt 90watt

max head 10' 16.5'

max gph 1017gph 590gph

Placement submergable outside tank

After further reflection i think that the Quiet one pump would be better because it would deliver more water; use less electricity; take up less space; install easier; and hopefully make less noise because it is in the tank.


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