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hi, a newbie to the site with a quick question,
i have a hairy red hermit (Trizopagurus strigimanus) about 30mm in length, which has been peacful and left all fish and inverts/softcorals alone for the past nine months. So my problem, i just moved a juvenile checkerboard wrasse from my quarantine into my display after 4 weeks and two nights after he went in i wake up to find my hermit snacking on his body on the spot the wrasse had been burying himself in for the past two nights. My question, was it likely that the wrasse was not in good health and therefore not fast enough to realize it was being eaten or is my hermit going through puberty or something? Wrasse seemed to be in good health but i guess it's hard to tell with wrasses sometimes. Any help will be much appreciated.

umm like fish an stuff

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