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Xmas Nano

Okay I will take the plunge and ask a few questions. We have had a 135g set up without live rock, just fish and artifical coral for a year with limited sucess. Little did we know we lacked basic onfo on live rock. We bought the tank and got all info from our local fish store. After reading here we added LR and the tank is doing much better the last six months or so with the exception of NO3 being at 40.

We received a 29g nano for Xmas. Reading here (vast info) it seems that the "bio balls" create NO3 that are in a wet dry filter. Huh, go figure our 135 has a bunch of them! Do I not put them in the Nano? I have ordered 40# of LR for it and have 40# of sand in the bottom now. Will the LR with good water movement be enough for a reef nano? Mostly coral, and such, with a a small fish or two? I have purchased the matching nano skimmer for this tank as well. Right now the tank just has the sand, one LR about a pound, and one snail just to the the "cycle" going.

Should I phase out the bio balls from our 135? If so any suggestion on how? It also has a canister with chemi pure and phos zorb in it, and a UV light. The wet dry has a built in skimmer.


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