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hey hows it going all? new here and looking for some advice. I just purchased a 150 gallon tank with a single corner overflow. it is the taller tank not a 6' wide. i was out of the loop for a while since i had moved i never set up my tank again. i had a 55 gallon before, and wanted something bigger. so now i need to know what type of filtration ad pumps and all that sort of stuff that any may recomend. i had a regular wet/dry system before. but was looking into a refugium setup. one brand that i was interested in was the ADHI model 45 with an AQUA C 180 or a ADHI G2 protein skimmer. also i need recomendations on a pump brand and size preferably external. i want to make this a reef tank. but i also have no experiance with refugium setups anything that i should be aware of?

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