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Never would I not like any of you! This club has a great backbone and a hard driving force behind it! I have just been so dang busy I lost track of people and keeping in touch. I am going to join you can count on that. I also was planning on bringing frags to your last meet but my wife made plans for me that weekend without me knowing it until the last minute. I won't be able to make January's meeting but count me in for February! That is if you guys haven't met yet for January.

I also wanted to make the christmas party too but I had my young son that night and I really didn't feel like chasing him all over Jay's Mansion!!! (JK LOL)..... Plus if I came I wanted to be able to drink a little and having kids with is a NO NO for me......

Any rate, Matt you have any frags you want. You would have to let me know what and when you want em'......

Nice talking to all of you!

Jay call me I need to ask you something!


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