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Sorry to be so long in replying folks. A friend of mine broke her ankle and I've been helping to get her about and not been on-line.


Sure you can go with LR only in a nano. One thing about small tanks is water changes are easy and inexpensive. If you have a problem with nitrates a few 25% water change over the course of a week will bring them down fast. If you do use a DSB you want at least 4" for it to work properly.

Macro algae, such as Chaeto, is available from many of the on-line livestock providers. If there is a reef club near you then join and I bet you can get some for nothing as you harvest it regularly to provide nutrient removal.


All home aquarium ballasts are usually 110-120 volts. Commercial ballast come in 177 and 220 volt varieties but they are overkill for most tanks and you probably would be challenged finding the proper light K values with commercial ballasts anyway.


It just so happens our guest columnist this month is Marc Levenson and his article is on Sumps. He also talks about in the sump refugiums and briefly on pumps. I usually always tell people to select a return pump with a rating of 15-20X flow of the size of the tank. Marc makes a very good argument for using lower pump speeds for a sump and instead using powerheads or a closed loop to provide additional flow.

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