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Waterkeeper is sleeping so I will answer your question.
It is possable to use tap water depending on where you live. I used it for years. Then one day my water company put zinc orthophosphate in the water to control corrosion in the pipes.
Corals turned to Jello.
Also tap water usually contains high amounts of nitrate and phosphate most of which came from laundry detergent that over the years got into the tap water. It makes it hard to keep an algae free tank. A Brita water filter is just carbon which will make the water taste better, I don't know if the fish mind the taste. It will also remove some metals and insecticides but it will not remove phosphates or nitrates.
About cats, so many cats, so few recipies.

I used to get shocked when I put my hand in my tank. Then the electric eel went dead.

Current Tank Info: 100 gal reef set up in 1971
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