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I hope there has been no black eyes on this one hehe.. thank you both for your input.. I think, I get it.

The run I am doing is from a hammerhead pump 5600GPH. will be using 2" input and 1.5" output. The rise from the output side of the pump will be 8' - into a 90 - over 4' on the horizontal - into a 90 - then up another 6' before it enters my display distribution manifold. The 90's will be either the 2 45's or the longer sweeping 90.

If I had a clue... I'd be sitting on the floor playing with it.

My vid's

Current Tank Info: 210 Gal Display, 220 Gal frag tank, 300 gal sump, Sequence Hammer head Pump, Reeflo Orca 250 Skimmer, 2x400w MH. Tit. Heaters, 200+ lbs Jakarta LR and an empty wallet :)
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