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Nano Tank Crashing

I have a 7 gallon Nano Tank- I did a complete water change and tank clean a couple weeks ago, my first ever. Made the unfortunate choice to hold my live stock in a 5 gallon bucket with cold water in it. They where in the bucket for about 4 hours. Now for the past couple of weeks my tank has been cycling. I had the water tested last week and they said the cycle seemed to be complete but I am still getting a dio bloom. Oddly enough in the morning when the lights come on, the tank is clear, then half way through the day the bloom blows up, sometimes by the end of the day it's gone. My corals look bad and haven't opened since the water change. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to control this bloom? How can I preserve my corals, is it to late? Any advice would be helfpul.

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