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Originally posted by WaterKeeper
Good question Alan,

The use of eggcrate is ok but as the Capt points out you end up having little pockets of sand in each crate chamber. Dowel material is solid and avoids these tiny pockets. Sand shifters can move freely around the dowel material. True, so can some burrowing fish but the dowels form a solid base structure and there is little chance that they will move.

You don't glue anything. Just cut the dowels to the same length and place them in the tank bottom and fill the sand around them slightly higher, about an eight of an inch or less, than the top of the dowels. Once you have a foundation you merely place the LR on top of the dowels.
thanks for clarifying Tom--a great idea---learn something new everyday on RC
I was looking for something to put in the bottom of my sump--the last batch of Haitan rock put a hole in the bottom of the plastic sump---dowels would work well--probably better then egg crate---the egg crate not being smooth on the edges like the dowel.

I prefer my substrates stirred but not shaken

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