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Originally posted by Paul B
Thats amazing, I always thought something like a UG filter would be the absolute worst thing anyone could possably put into their system and ther nitrates would go through the roof.
Live and learn.
I can't wait unitl tomorrow to see what else I will learn.
I love this stuff.

(it took fifty years to come up with what I have been telling people all along. I even discussed this with Pres Eisenhower)
I have the same ideas as you about UG filters------hmmm I think I learned it from another mentor of mine name PaulB
the coincidences on here are amazing sometimes

I would still prefer to go the route of the remote DSB

I prefer my substrates stirred but not shaken

Current Tank Info: 150gal long mixed reef, 90gal sump, 60 gal refugium with 200 lbs live rock
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