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When asking for help

Often time can be of the greatest essence when there's a tank or polyp related issues. To help expedite a swift answer to a question posted here, it's really important to list all of your parameters including...

1. Temp of tank
2. All parameters including , Alk, PH, Mag etc and even Calcium in my opinion
3. Salinity
4. Is it a frag, colony, new addition, wild caught or not, shipped or pick up?
5. Have you made any changes just prior to or during the issue?
6. List the current/flow, even lighting when applicable.
7. Additives

As much info as possible including a possible picture could make the difference with one of the helpful reefers here assisting you with speedy help. Not being mean at all, but it can really make a difference. The people here really like to help.

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