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Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
One thing I really think is interesting is the silicon. Most likely from my water supply. But when testing my tank water it's well below the set point of 100ug/l. My sponges must be doing very well as I don't have a diatom issue.
I wonder if it's the sort that would be accessible to diatoms?
There's a lot of silicon in our tanks, the seals, the rocks, etc. If Triton is using a test that can unbind those normally inaccessible forms it could be giving a false positive of sorts. IDk if that would be possible. Maybe test the next batch the same way you test the tank water, to see your consumption rate?

I'm filling my new 120, I'll post the results for comparison when I'm done. It should use up most of a fresh box of IO regular. I have also noticed granules, IO is a grittier mix than others I have used.

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