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I guys are harsh when it comes to "policing" others about ideal tang habitat. True, a 55 gal may be too small for a tang, but at least be "informative" without chastising. Maybe this person was unaware?

Another question is, how big is the tang? If it's small, a 55 gal is still a reasonable sized tank for the tang until it grows a bit larger. Some of the posts are constructive in saying that you can definitely think about trading the fish for a different one that's more suitable for the 55 gal when the tang gets too big for the tank.

To answer your initial question: I think you're fine on the protein skimmer. Lighting is probably your next step if you want corals to grow, but keep your lighting period at a minimum in case of an algae bloom.

I would also be patient in the beginning, and not add any other livestock until the water parameters are stable for at least 2 months. Then I would start slowly adding other inhabitants. Make sure you have a cleaning crew (snails, hermits, etc.) to take care of any undesirable algae growth.

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