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Angry Have to Sell!!!

Well folks unfortunately i must sell my SW reef, due to my sons health and mounting medical bills i can not afford to continue to afford a large tank. although i have had great success it hurts to have to do it but I MUST.

i am looking to sell the whole thing in 1 shot if possible, i will give it some time then if not able to sell it as a whole i will part out.

i have a perfecto 110 custom drilled, custom weir overflow and closed loop, 1 pan world 250, 1 mag9, 1 little giant 1100 gph, auto top off, 2 X 250W HQI bluewave 7 ballast, 4X 65watt (24") PC (4 daylight 4 dual actinics) 6 cooling fans, (keep my temps at 78.5 79.5 degrees) custom built 38g refuge stacked with cheato , ASM2 skimmer, digital timers for lighting, DJ powerstrip, custom stand (needs to be completed for astectics only) 145lbs live rock, many corals and supplies, and more i am sure i have forgot

all of the above is only 6 months to a 1 year old

Please follow link to pics of the setup, there are sub albums as well on the left side of the screen to many more pics

i am asking $1500.00 i will add more info later

Thanks for looking,


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