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Originally Posted by Floyd R Turbo View Post
The cube equivalent was developed by Bryan / Santa Monica, basically from what I understand he took 2 of his SM100 scrubbers and put them on a 90g tank and then fed liquid coral food according to his developed cube-equivalent measurement method, and then basically fed the equivalent of about 22 cubes/day for a length of time, then figured that this feeding rate was about the maximum that those 2 scrubbers could handle.

Then he did total screen LxW area divided by cubes/day and came up with 12 sq in per cube of food per day.

IMO that one has stood pretty solid as a rule of thumb.
Yes, pretty solid.

S.M. had to work it out using a practicle method because the fraction of inorganics removed is unknown, so the TTR cannot be calculated.

Practicle testing is best of course because its used to test a theoretical conclusion.

I see now how considering both TTR, and the cube - screen size method, at the same time as though their two seperate issues is wrong, because the TTR is built into the cube - screen size method already.

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