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Gorilla Glue: Reef safe or not?

I'm constructing an acrylic-safe, coralline-scraping mag float and was curious if Gorilla Glue (when dried) is safe in a reef tank. I know I can use Super Glue Gel, but those tiny containers they come in are annoying, and expensive (for how much you get).

Plus, I'm not sure if Gorilla Glue will effectively bond acrylic to plastic (or whatever mag floats are made from). I know from first hand experience that Gorilla Glue bonds wood to wood fantastically. I also know that it expands and gets ugly as it dries, which I'm not too concerned about.

I'm not sure if this design will work, but I'm making a blade from acrylic and plan to glue it at an angle to the side of a mag float. I'm hoping this will let me scrape coralline from my tank without having to put my hands in it. I know someone makes a similar device for glass tanks, but I haven't seen one that's safe for acrylic tanks.

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