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Originally Posted by kris4647 View Post
Congrats, looks healthy. Red footed ritteri (IMO) with yellow tentacles are one of the most beautiful in the trade. Usually outta Sumatra or Africa I believe.

Give it some time to recover and it may color up.

Was there anymore lol?

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It's hard to photograph right now because it's very subtle, but I can already see signs of yellow developing in most tentacles under the actinic lighting! I've had it for a week and it's definitely improving in color and shape.

I couldn't agree more, this has always been one of the most beautiful colors IMO which is why I had to break from my sabbatical. I'll be removing SPS and rearranging rocks to make it work but I think it'll be worth it.

And unfortunately it was the only Riterri they received in the latest shipment. The LFS seems to get one in at a time every few weeks lately, but the last few weren't as exciting.

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