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Originally Posted by das75 View Post
cole-parmers are very nice, to bad they cost so much even used on ebay
Worth every penny. Every setup I had in the past, I tried to use high end regulators and great reactors....I still had clogs and inconsistent effluent. Once I added a peristaltic pump, it was dead on reliable.

Mark (tkeracer619) had helped me source a digital drive unit, it was around $400 shipped IIRC...worth every penny. But that was truly the top of the line, if you can find a CP/Masterflex for 200-ish it is a great deal. Think about it...on a reactor setup you easily spend $100 for the tank, $200-300 for a quality regulator, maybe $400-$700 on a good reactor(that's not even factoring in controller, probes, media, etc). What is $200-$400(I have seen lower end masterflex pumps for $100-$150) more on a pump that will reliably control the effluent?


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