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Originally Posted by Avast Marine View Post
dose cycle (controls multiple things)
clean cycle (controls multiple things)
monitor temp
freeze on
freeze off
fan on
fan off
status alerts

Those are just the basic functions of the top of my head so if there is no integrated controller you have a minimum of 5 cords to plug in to your controller outlet strip. Sounds messy and it is actually pretty expensive to dedicate that many control outlets on a strip. Our unit will absolutely have an integrated controller to handle all of these functions and more because in the long run it is actually the most cost effective way to go. What we are looking for with regards to external controllers is simply an interface to monitor and override some of the functions, possibly make the "alerts" more robust by handing off to a email client etc, not as a means for complete control. It will be an option, not a separate product. The size of the unit is along the lines of a 2l bottle of soda, not a dorm fridge, some will have room and some will not.
Sounds like you already have it in a compact form. I cannot wait to find out more. MACNA is so long from now

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