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Hydor Seltz D - Varia Flo 1600 - Controllable Aquarium Pump

I have this pump and it has stop working after 2 months I have sent emailS and no one has contacted my back to get it replaced does any one know a phone number that I can call

Age of tank 8 years old Sump? no maxi jet 1200 hook to carbon reactor
Skimmer:yes 600 pro clear impact skimmer powered by Danner Mag-Drive Supreme 12 - 1200 GPH Pump ( 2 )Tunze TurbelleŽ Stream 60(1,717USgal./h)Dosing?nothing

Current Tank Info: nitrate: 0 ammonia: 0 temperature: 80 Water source ro/di, Salinity: 1.027 Alkalinity: Lights (2) mh 250 wat/T5/ Calcium: 500
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