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Thank you so much guys, I appreciate the help.

Scotty25 - I'm a stickler for pics as well -- I don't like ID threads without one either. Unfortunately, s/he's hiding away and I don't like to disturb new purchases in the QT unless it's absolutely necessary; I like to give them time to settle in and keep stress levels as low as possible. There's no way I can get a pic right now - s/he was in a PVC tube in the LFS, healthy but taking refuge in the only hiding spot in the tank, and I provided on in the QT since that seems to work for most fish and it might seem familiar. S/he took to it right away, and will dart out for food or exploration when I'm not around, but as soon as anyone's in front of the tank it's back to the tube. It's clear the fish is watching me from inside the tube, and s/he seems very healthy, just shy. So for now, no pics.

wayne in norway - thanks!

BangkokMatt - I can't tell you how helpful that is. I've done hours of image searching, and couldn't come up with anything certain but your descriptions are incredibly clear and confirm that I do indeed have a dilectus (thank goodness). S/he has an orange-y face, lavender body and red edging on the fin, and no white line on the face.

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