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Couple of Metal Halide questions!

I just upgraded from PC lighting to 250W MH for Christmas.

I've been slowly increasing the light cycle starting from 2 hours and increasing 30 minutes per week until I reach the full cycle so I don't overpower the corals.

My first question is how long is the optimum time to run the MHs?

My supplemental lighting are 4 96W PCs which aren't much. I run those from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

I'm usually gone for work from 8am until 5-6pm. So I would like for the MHs to be on for a bit when I'm home so I can enjoy it.

So I was thinking of running the MHs from 1pm until about 8pm. That would be a 7 hour cycle. Is that ok? Too long, too short, just right?

My second question is regarding the bulbs. Right now I'm running the 10K Metal Haldies that came with my fixture. But I was considering switching to 14K bulbs instead. Is one bulb better than the other? Or is it pretty much personal preference?

Thanks in advance for any responses, I'm a Metal Halide rookie! I do LOVE them though.

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