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FYI, guys. Cole-parmer's masterflex pumps are decent, but they aren't the be-all, end-all of variable-delivery, continuous-duty peristaltic pumps. There are many other suitable options, some for a whole lot less money if you're comparing "new" prices. One item of note here is that the retail prices on Cole Parmer's site are quite a bit higher than what one actually pays if you've a corporate account. Typically, it's a 30-45% discount, which should suggest to you that you're paying a pretty steep "scientific equipment" mark-up if you buy one of these new.

And there are tons and tons of other options for continuous-duty peristaltic pumps, many that are far, far cheaper.

Just one example - look up "stenner classic series" on google. Some of these are fixed delivery rate pumps (though the actual rate delivered can be changed by changing the tubing size), but they also make variable-delivery pumps that are adjustable by means of a mechanical transmission. And they're continuous-duty.

But there are many other manufacturers out there for continuous-duty, adjustable-delivery peristaltic metering pumps. So look around - you will very easily find much less expensive options than CP's Masterflex brand.

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