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Originally posted by mobert
That is why I have a 1/4" drain. It doesn't start emptying till it is full and it can only drain what a 1/4" drain can handle. If it were to get too full it backs up to my skimmer cup which fills up and the skimmer pump's venturi intake recirculates what is in the cup----which is ok because the skimmer had gone crazy and it is not too funky in the cup.
I'm running a large external Beckett skimmer so if the cup backs up it runs out all over my equipment room, there are advantages in having an internal skimmer!

I can't find a float switch/relay that can handle a 400w pump, not sure I want to turn the pump on and off anyway, I think I'll just keep an eye on things, it can handle 80g of going "nuts" right now without causing too many problems, that's probably enough you think?

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