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Originally posted by mobert
Mine is external also. So your skimmer pumps have no venturi intake??

I also drilled a 3/4" drain in the skimmer cup with a standpipe so it only is used when the cup is full and it drains back into the sump.
no, I'm running a Pan World 250, no venturi, the dual Beckett's create considerable bubble/foam without the need for a venturi, I guess I could drill a hole high up in the skimmer cup and run a line down to the skimmer body but I'd rather not mess with the skimmer if possible, trying to come up with a simple solution.

How about have the skimmer cup drain to the side of an open container, entering the container near the top. Let's say there is a small hole near the bottom that allows for a slow drain of skimmate. If the skimmer goes nuts and overcomes the drain the water will rise above the skimmer drain and occlude the orifice, shutting off the air and shutting down the skimmer, much like the ping pong ball does in the waste container, think it would work? then when the skimmer calmed down the container would drain and allow the skimmer to function normally...

would it work?

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